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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Creating my own postcards of Luxembourg

Lately, I've been amusing myself editing some pictures and creating
 my own Luxembourg postcards. 
I hope you also enjoy then.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ma quanto è bella Genova!

Some days ago I was in Italy visiting my friends of Genoa. 
This time, I didn't have my camera with me but 
I got some pictures with my mobile phone.

 aww Oranges!

The Nutella Coffee is delicious!
Trofie (fresh pasta) with pesto sauce genoese, very traditional!

And more coffee all day long!

Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi a Nervi

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Friday, 20 February 2015

10 things about visiting Miami - Florida

If you are fed up with the winter season, cold grey days and so definitely must go to Miami! 
That's what we did. We took some days off to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine.
 Believe me it's worth!

Hope you enjoy Miami as well!

One good hint is to try to rent a flat in South Beach. 
It's very practical and less expensive than you imagine.
Also rent a car so you can drive until Key West!

Mojitos and donuts...
Really? Come on! ;)

If you want to take pictures of palm trees...Miami is the place!

 Of course, pictures of beaches, sunshine and happy moments!

The ocean color is amazing! 
You feel like you are inside a "masterpiece"! 

You must enjoy a psychedelic sunset on Key West!

And wake up early to appreciate a breathtaking sunrise
 like this one in Melbourne Beach!

Go shopping, take a bike or walk through 
the modern Miami downtown...

Enjoy a different exquisite meal... like this one at Ceviche 105, a very cool Peruvian restaurant! And don't forget the "Inca Kola" for drink! :)

Lose yourself walking along the beautiful streets in Coral Gables and if you love golf, swimming or a special spa day in a luxury way, this is the place for you: The Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel. 
I know what you are thinking...And the answer is "nope ... I did not stay there" :)

A special thank you to our beloved friends Lowell and Lois Anne. So nice to meet you!

Love you guys!
 You can find more incredible amazing pictures of Florida on their website L & L Photography

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